exists to instill a passion, as exemplified by Christ, for faith, knowledge and service

Parent Knights (PTA)

As your student begins school, you too will begin a new and exciting experience at Bergan as well.  One way to continue to be involved is to be a part of the Parent Knights Association.  There is no fee to join!  Everyone who has a student at Bergan is part of this organization.

We encourage you to be active in your school.  Bergan Spirit begins with enthusiastic families who are willing to share their time and talents with others.

Middle/High School Parent Knights

The group helps to plan and support school activities throughout the year.

The Parent Knight Board meets the third Monday of each month at 7 p.m. in the Middle/High School Conference Room.  All members are welcome to join any meetings.

President Wendy Kerkhaert
Secretary Julie Sleister
Treasurer Koni Shallberg

Parents are invited to sign up for some of the activies we support.  It will give you the opportunity to share your spirit with Bergan.  You can be a part of the Parent Knights just by sharing your time and talents to help facilitate some of the follwoing activities:

  • Provide Treats for your child's Class Retreat during the year: you may be asked to bring cookies, bars or drinks.

  • Parent/Teacher Conference Staff Meals: Provide food/drinks or help serve teachers during scheduled Parent/Teacher Conferences.

  • Teacher Appreciation Brunch: Bergan Parent Knights show appreciation to our staff with a brunch. Meal needs to be prepared and served.

  • NSAA Tournament Hospitality Room for Coaches: Food for the coaches during tournaments that Bergan hosts.

  • Catholic Schools Week: Drinks, treats, etc., are distributed throughout the school and parish in appreciation of commitment to Catholic Education.

  • Donation: This option is for those parents who would prefer to make a monetary donation in lieu of providing any of the above items.

If you have any qeustions about MS/HS Parent Knights or would like to volunteer for one of the above opportunities, please contact President, Wendy Kerkaert at wwkerkaert@aol.com.