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$crip Program

About $crip

The $crip Program is an ongoing program which benefits Archbishop Bergan Catholic School and it's students.

This program lets our School purchase gift certificates/cards (called $crip) at a discount from vendors. 

These certificates or gift cards are then resold to parents, parishioners, and other community members for their face value for each retailer you shop; and use them just like cash.  There are NO extra hidden fees. A certificate or gift card you buy for $25.00 gets you $25.00 in products or services.  Bergan gets the discount difference.

You can use $crip to purchase everyday expenses like food, clothing, and gas for your car.  You can also use them for appliances (large & small), as well as home improvement projects!

$crip Rebate & Profit Designation

The rebate amount helps reduce your own students' tuition or a designated student/family tuition for Archbishop Bergan Catholic School.

Each time you complete an order form, you can designate that your generated $crip profit be given for tuition for a particular student or family.

If you designate Archbishop Bergan Catholic School, the profits from the $crip Program go to the General Fund of Archbishop Bergan Catholic School and everyone in our School family benefits in one way or another from the profit of the $crip program.  $crip helps pay for the operating expense of the school which provides Catholic education to our youth.  Whenever you purchase $crip certificates/cards, Archishop Bergan Catholic School receives cash back in the amount of 2% to 25%.  This is at NO cost to you!

What Businesses Participate?

Check out the many businesses that support the $crip Program by downloading an order form. 

If you notice a few businesses that are family favorites, see how you can support Archbishop Bergan Catholic School by doing your regular shoppoing.  IT IS SO EASY!

The only thing you need to do is buy yourself gift certificates/cards to pay for your purchases, instead of writing a check or using cash.  Or, you can give them to family and friends for gifts! 

Where & When Can You Buy $crip?

$crip is sold before and after ALL weekend masses at St. Patrick's Catholic Church (3400 East 16th Street).  $crip can also be purchased Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. at the St. Patrick's Parish Office (422 East 4th Street). 

If you would like to "special order" a gift certificate/card from a business not listed on the order form, check out the Great Lakes Scrip Center, www.glscrip.com and see if it is offered.  If it is, then call Sharon Francis, Office Manager and $crip Coordinator at St. Patrick's Parish (402-721-6611) and place a "special order."  You may also email Sharon with your "special order" at sfrancis@stpatsfremont.org.

Why Should I Use $crip?

  • Use $crip because it enables you to give money to Archbishop Bergan Catholic School whenever you shop.
  • Because it does not require you to contribute more money.  $crip is a unique form of Stewardship to the financial support of Archbishop Bergan Catholic School at no additional cost to you.
  • If you make $crip a regular habit and committment, with very little effort you can make a big difference. 


Volunteers are the key to the success of the $crip Program.  they are needed before and after weekend Masses and for other School events.  For more information to assist with $crip sales, please contact Sharon Francis, St. Patrick's Catholic Church Office Manager at 402-721-6611 or sfrancis@stpatsfremont.org.