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Tuition Information and Assistance

  • It is NOT a policy at Archbishop Bergan Catholic School to turn students away for financial reasons.
  • Archbishop Bergan Catholic School will work with each family to review all demonstrated need to ensure that financial hardship does not prevent a student from attending Archbishop Bergan Catholic School.
  • In addition to other tuition assistance options, Archbishop Bergan Catholic School also offers several academic scholarships to students who qualify based on criteria set by the specific scholarship fund.
  • Archbishop Bergan Catholic School expects families will make every effort to pay as much as they can, consistent with their commitment to the well-being of the School and their child’s education.


1. Choose the payment plan that works for you.  Tuition Payment Plans are selected when new students apply to Archbishop Bergan Catholic School or when current students re-enroll during the Open Enrollment Period (January – March).

Option #1 – Single payment due by July 10th each academic year

Option #2 – Bi-annual payments due July 10th & January 10th of that academic year

Option #3 – Monthly, bi-monthly, or weekly payments.  FACTS, a NelNet Company, allows payments to be budgeted over 12 months beginning in July of each academic year.  This is the school’s required method for payments occurring monthly or more.  Those paying by this option, will be charged a $43.00 annual fee, which will be charged to your tuition total.  You have the option of paying with checking, savings, or credit*/debit card when using FACTS.  

*Beginning July 1, 2015, a 2.5% non-refundable convenience fee will be assessed on payments made via credit card

2. Use the $crip rebate program to earn tuition credits on your account.

This program gives parents access to gift cards from a variety of stores and restaurants.  Orders can be placed by email, at the church (before or after weekend Mass), or at the Parish Office (during weekday office hours).  Use $crip for everyday purchases: groceries, clothes shopping, holiday shopping, home repairs, etc.

The gift cards are available or ordered at that time for parent pick-up. 

Businesses participating in this program donate a percentage of the purchases you make through the $crip program to the School.  The percentage is used as the rebate amount, which helps your students’ tuition or designated student/family tuition for Archbishop Bergan Catholic School. 

The profits from the $crip program go to the General Fund of the School.  Everyone in our School Family benefits in one way or another from the profits of the $crip program.  The $crip profits help pay for the operating expenses of the School which provides Catholic education to our youth. 

If after choosing your payment plan to fit your family budget and using $crip, you find that you cannot pay the designated tuition amount, there are several Tuition Assistance options to consider. 

  1. Complete the Archbishop Bergan Catholic School Tuition Assistance Application
  2. Complete the Children’s Scholarship Fund Application (for families with students in grades K-8) or Complete the Archdiocese of Omaha High School Assistance Funding Application (for families with students in grades 9-12)
  3. Meet with Director of Finance 

1. Complete the Archbishop Bergan Catholic School Tuition Assistance Application

There is no income requirement to apply for Tuition Assistance through Archbishop Bergan Catholic School. However, scholarships/grants are awarded based on need and the amount of funds available. Tuition assistance funds vary from year to year, so the funds are limited.Early application is encouraged. Tuition assistance is credited to accounts and families will be notified by the Finance Office. Families who receive the Archbishop Bergan Catholic School Tuition Assistance Grants/Scholarships must sign the Acceptance Agreement before the funds will be credited to your account.

Qualified families are expected to adhere to the following:

  • Students will maintain average to above average grades and maintain superior behavior in the classroom
  • Send a Thank you letter/note to the scholarship donor
  • Maintain assigned payment amounts and acknowledge that assistance will be re-applied for each year
  • Commit time in giving back to child(ren)’s school by volunteering time with various events and in the classroom
  • Notify Archbishop Bergan Catholic school and the St. Patrick’s Catholic Church Finance Office of e-mail or address changes that may occur


2. Complete the Children’s Scholarship Fund Application (for families with students in grades K-8) or Complete the Archdiocese of Omaha High School Assistance Funding Application (for families with students in grades 9-12)

Children’s Scholarship Fund of Omaha

The Children’s Scholarship Fund of Omaha’s mission is to provide scholarship assistance for qualifying families so their children may attend a private or parochial elementary school of their choice.

To be considered for a CSF scholarship you must be entering school for the required academic year, and your total family income must fall within the eligibility scale. Once you’ve applied and been accepted (not all applications are accepted), you will agree to adhere to CSF’s scholarship requirements.

Qualified families will are expected to adhere to the following:

  • Each child receiving a scholarship must have an attendance rate of at least 90%
  • Your family must pay a minimum of $500 towards your children’s school each year (per family, not per child)
  • Physically enter your child’s school twice each year (once in November, once in April) to sign CSF paperwork
  • Your child must comply with school standards.  If expelled, your child will not be eligible for scholarship renewal
  • You must fill out requalification paperwork each year to verify continued financial eligibility
  • Agree to make your child’s academic information accessible (e.g. test scores) for CSF program assessment.

For more information on the application process, eligibility scale and requirements of receiving a scholarship, please visit csfomaha.org or call 402-819-4990.

Archdiocese of Omaha High School Assistance Funding

Two Assistance Programs are available by filling out the Archdiocese of Omaha High School Assistance Funding.

Omaha Archdiocesan Educational Foundation (OAEF)

  • For Catholic High schools in the Archdiocese of Omaha (grades 9-12)

Archbishop’s Annual Appeal Scholarship Program

  • For students enrolled in the 9th or 10th grade in a Catholic high school in the Archdiocese of Omaha
  • Scholarships are for tuition costs only. Registration fees, book fees, activity fees, etc. are the responsibility of the parents.
  • Qualified families are expected to pay a minimum of $1,000 of the tuition costs per year. This will be waived only for applicants with seriously limited resources.

The office of Stewardship & Development coordinates the Archdiocese High School Scholarships to provide tuition assistance for children throughout the Archdiocese. For more information, email jmgriffin@archomaha.org or call 402-557-5650.

3. Meet with the Director of Finance

Brook Zakovec, Director of Finance for St. Patrick’s Catholic Church & Archbishop Bergan Catholic School can meet with you to discuss your tuition budget and goals. You can also discuss options such as the Summer Student Work Program or Family Work Program. The Parish Office is located at 422 East 4th Street (next to St. Patrick’s Auditorium). Brook may be reached by email bzakovec@stpatsfremont.org or by phone 402-721-6611.