exists to instill a passion, as exemplified by Christ, for faith, knowledge and service

Scholarships & Awards

Gene Twehous Service Award

The Gene Twehous Service Award is presented to the senior judged by the faculty to have given outstanding service to Bergan Catholic School. This award was established by the Class of 1965 in memory of Gene Twehous, a member of their class. Gene gave his life for his country in Vietnam. He distinguished himself by his service and was awarded The Bronze Star. The recipient's name will be engraved on a memorial plaque which will remain in the school as a memory of Gene's service to his country and as an inspiration to every Bergan student.

Rick Schmidt Memorial Tuition Grant

The Rick Schmidt Memorial Tuition Grant is presented to the outstanding freshman student judged by a faculty committee. The recipient will receive a $150 grant for Bergan Tuition. This Award was established by the class of 1979 and Rick's family. Rick died of Leukemia in 1976.

Lou and Pat Wewel Scholarship and Tuition Grant

Endowments have been established in order to honor the memory of Mr. & Mrs. Lou Wewel and to insure that the values and examples of their Christian lives are passed on to future Bergan students. Mr. Wewel was coach and counselor at Bergan Catholic School for 17 years in the 1960's and 1970's. Lou and his wife Pat both died in 1982. The following grants and scholarships are awarded each year in their honor.

Four tuition grants will be awarded each year to incoming 6th and 7th grade students. These grants will be worth approximately $125.00 each, depending on the interest the endowed memorial yields. Applications for the grants are available in the Bergan office and must be completed by July 1. The Wewel family will determine the recipients of the grants by July 10.

Each year a member of the Bergan graduating class will be awarded a scholarship for post-secondary education. Certain conditions must be met to be eligible. The student must have:

1. a "B" or above average,
2. participated in athletics at Bergan Catholic School,
3. a coach in a sport which he/she has participated, complete the recommendation on the application form.

Application forms are available from the guidance counselor. The Wewel family will select the recipient.

Sr. Elizabeth Ruskamp Scholarship

Sister Elizabeth Ruskamp has dedicated her life to the service of others. She exemplifies many characteristics the students of Archbishop Bergan Catholic School are challenged to demonstrate: responsibility, honesty, cooperativeness, respect for others, a desire to learn, a desire to serve and friendliness toward others are examples. The Middle School Faculty is asked to nominate and select a recipient for a $150 scholarship to be given to a Middle School student who exemplifies the above characteristics. In the event of a tie, two $100 scholarships will be awarded. The scholarship will be applied toward tuition for the following school year at Bergan.

St. Patrick's Tuition Endowment Grants

Tuition grants of $100 may be applied for by any Bergan student. The primary criteria for awarding these grants is on the basis of financial need. A special committee will judge the applications and award the grants. The money for these grants comes from the St. Patrick's Tuition Endowment Fund interest. Applications are available in the school office.

Middle School Citizenship Award

This award is open to all middle school students. The faculty will select students in each grade that meet the selection guidelines. Each student will be evaluated in the areas of character, service and leadership. The purpose of this award is to foster citizenship and build responsible young adults.